Venus in Jewels | Luxury Jewellery | Romania

Venus in Jewels | Luxury Jewellery | Romania

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Venus in jewels is a slow - fashion, ethical  eco-conscious and sustainable jewellery brand. We are strong believers in long lasting products that minimize impact on the planet.

        Our products last for generations, can become modern heirloom pieces and even if you get bored of your piece, it can be entirely recycled into a new design.

        We use only lab grown gemstones that are the stunning, ethical and eco - friendly alternative to earth-mined gems. They are identical chemically, physically and optically to natural ones but have a lower impact on the environment and it's resources.


      We reuse and recycle our materials and use only biodegradable and recyclable packaging.  

       3% of the sales goes to an ocean protection foundation through an annual donation


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